Exploring the Creation of God! God has made this world and bejeweled it with his beautiful creations. Explore HIS wealth scattered all over the uni

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Exploring the Creation of God!

God has made this world and bejeweled it with his beautiful creations. Explore HIS wealth scattered all over the universe in form of wonderful mountain peaks, rocky trails, valleys, beaches, raging sea, sunrise, sunset, light, day, trees, grass, birds, animals, water and the finest masterpiece of HIS craftsmanship, human beings.

God’s every creation is wonderful. We should be thankful for his works. Explore His world not as a naturalist but as a seeker sometime to understand His greatness and meaning of every creation.
Living a normal life in a metropolitan city of a developed nation sometimes fails to make you understand the meaning of life and you stop understanding and being thankful towards him for whatever you have been gifted with.

In order to explore the true essence of life, visit a small remote off-island and lead a small life there without any luxuries. It will make you understand that as his wonderful creation, you are so adaptable to the environment for survival.

Initial days might be tough but if you could force yourself to understand why it had to be, then I am sure you would explore different terrains and come out as a better and learned human.


Get into the deep forest to know how living by the jungle rules is not as exciting as it appears on your TV sets while watching the National Geographic channel. Stare down or have an encounter with any of the most dangerous beasts in our land. The moment you could sense your life-threatening moment, your minor worries pass away and you will have a lifetime experience of how beautiful your previous birth journey must have been that you were born as a human now with so much of power and brain.

All your focus would be on saving yourself fighting against all odds.
Have words with people who have lived through the mind-numbing tremors of a historic earthquake. You will know it’s HIS blessings that have saved you from every mishap.

God as a Great Communicator!

God’s love and care for His creation are very apparent from the vividness that he created in abundance. There are satisfying reasons behind His creation and he established faithful provisions for His creation.
The Bible has details of God’s communication to man. How He intends to reveal His plan for mankind, repay him for his deeds, and eternal destiny that He has written for every individual.

Often in the Scriptures, God uses the wonders of creation to demonstrate His power or protection or provision. His creations are a way of establishing his supreme power and to reveal His awesome character.

Consider a flood situation or a pandemic spread (COVID – 19, quite relevant in today’s context). Innumerable stars are present in the night sky but there is a single sun to enlighten the whole universe. “The heavens declare the glory of God” (Psalm 19:1).
Worship Him
The everlasting gospel itself is focused to “worship him that made heaven, and earth, and the sea, and the fountains of waters” (Revelation 14:7).

With a clean and thankful heart, you can feel His blessings in every sphere of life. Explore his creativity around you. Spread love and be helpful in everybody’s needs. These are the ways of reaching to the core of His creativity goals.





By Jojo Favoured


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