Being single is one of the gifts you could ever enjoy as a Christian. In fact, if many could have a peek into the royalty there in, there wi

2021- An era of greater well-being & intimacy with the Holy Spirit.

Being single is one of the gifts you could ever enjoy as a Christian. In fact, if many could have a peek into the royalty there in, there will be many single folks than we have at the moment. Now don’t get me wrong.

Marriage is a beautiful thing! It is a lovely institution created by God himself. But to think that being single is a sin or shameful, is one opinion that must be rebuked. Now, buckle up as we go on a rollercoaster of ride into the advantages of being single as a Christians.

Note that there are lots to be achieved and unveiled if we are conscious of these advantages and benefits of being single as a Christian – rest assured that it is with you in mind and for the growth of other Christians in the world that this article was crafted.

Without much ado about nothing, let’s get started with the first advantage:

The Opportunity to focus on God: Christians are the happiest when they are with their God. Nothing can stop the joy. Ever noticed how you get butterflies, the glow on your face and joy within whenever you hear from God? That joy cannot be comprehended or explained. When you are single, concentrating on God becomes easy. There is no room for distraction or divided attentions.

Personal Development. One of the beautiful things to enjoy while being single as Christians is that you can now focus on yourself. There is no limits to the time you could spend on yourself. Those skills you’ve always wanted to learn, you could do them now. That career you want to build, you can focus on it right now. As a matter fact, the years of being single are years for development.

Little or No Drama: As beautiful as it is, relationship has its own issues. There will be dramas – it is just inevitable. But with you being all by yourself, single and happy with God, there is nothing to be worried about.

Travelling and Explorations: Everyone has lists of places they have planned/wished to visit. Now is the time. You can have as many vacations as you want without having to answer to anyone when you are back. You could enjoy cool breeze in a far away land while devouring that book which you’ve always wanted to read. Trust me, you will love it.

Ministry works and missions: The rationale for this advantage is for you to understand purpose. That is, God’s purpose for your life. Soak this in, there is a plan for your life. There is a responsibility for you to key into. The faster you see your single season as an advantage to work for God, the better.

Occupy yourself with the service of God, volunteer for  ministry and mission work. Most importantly, do something that would bring people closer to God. Don’t just live your life as an individual alone. Realise that it the sole responsibility of all chriistians, to spread the gospel and teach  about the salvation of Christ.

Remember, being single is not a sin. Rather it is a blessing.



By Jojo Favoured


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