THE MYSTERY OF DIVINE INTERVENTION The Spiritual mysteries of calling God in the time of trouble. Brothers and sisters there are emergencies i

Matthew 9:37!


The Spiritual mysteries of calling God in the time of trouble.
Brothers and sisters there are emergencies in our lives that requires access to this mysteries.

The bible is full of near shame experiences where God got up and showed up for individuals, showed up for the children of Israel, where God turned the lives of people around overnight.
2 peter 2:9 (God knows how to deliver his People)…….. The Lord knoweth how to deliver the godly out of temptations, and to reserve the unjust unto the day of judgment to be punished.

God knows how to change situations around for the benefit of his people.

There is a system in God where God can bring men out of the fire. (Remember the story of the 4 Hebrew men).
Your destiny is a function of many things and sadly it includes the lives of others and that also includes their carelessness, There are times you will get into things that you necessarily did not cause but you will suffer the consequences because this is like an extension of the mystery of exemption.

DIVINE INTERVENTION is when men called upon God and God turned the lives of individuals and nations around. There is a way you will call upon God for your personal pprayer life, but there is a way you will call upon God to intervene on a matter that when he doesn’t intervene it maybe that you are finished.
Psalm 102:3……. Thou shalt arise, and have mercy upon Zion: for the time to favour her, yea, the set time, is come.

In God’s calendar there is a time. There is a time to favour Mrs Joan Anointed Anoka. There is time to uplift Pastor Anointed Anoka.
Many people wants INTERVENTION. INTERVENTION is a supernatural move of God over a man’s situation that brings a radical transformation. (Supernatural situation of God.)


We need Divine INTERVENTION because of our imperfection as human beings. Because of our inaccuracy as human beings.
Some of us our families are in urgent need of DIVINE INTERVENTION because of the things going on in the family.
Don’t reject darkness without having the light component, don’t just say I reject the plans of the enemy over my family, God forbid, it’s a joke my brother you must have the light component otherwise it will hunt you and destroy you and you generation. There are forces of darkness controlling the earth and we need Divine intervention to stand out as Children of light.

We need DIVINE INTERVENTION because of the pes at which darkness wants to destroy us, because of the dimensions God wants us to operate and because of our SPIRITUAL GROWTH which will require Divine intervention at some point. There are things you will encounter in the next 5 years that you are not aware of now and the devil is plotting all kinds of things against your life based on the things you will know years to come.
We need DIVINE INTERVENTION by the mercy of God to prepare us for the victories ahead because with every victory comes a battle.

May God almighty intervene in every situation that seems impossible in your today in Jesus Name Amen.

May all the mysteries in your life and family be revealed through divine intervention today in Jesus Name Amen .

I pray for you today that God will come down for your matter before you open your mouth to call on him in Jesus Name Amen.



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