DRUGS, SEX AND ALCOHOL!   Drugs, sex and alcohol is what rules the world of today. It is associated with every race and religion. Very

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Drugs, sex and alcohol is what rules the world of today. It is associated with every race and religion. Very common among millenials, the impact of these three things have been disastrous. Lives have been cut short, visions and goals terminated, families and marriages destroyed, and physically deformed children born into the world.

The big question is why do people engage in these things, what do they aim to gain, and how can someone who is addicted to these three things be free. We will be answering this questions in this article, and hopefully, it will help you in getting your freedom. 

Why People Engage In Drugs, Sex and Alcohol

People have many reasons as to why they engage in any of these things. Though drugs, sex and alcohol have positive effects will used or engaged legally and wisely, most people that engage or use them, do so till it gets to the point of addiction to them. Most of the reasons why people engage in them includes the following. 

  1. For enjoyment purposes
  2. For experimentation
  3. To deal with boredom or stress
  4. To avoid pain or relief pain
  5. To become part of a group or association. 

There might be other reasons, but 1 out of 10 people who engage or engaged in anyone of these things, do so because of one or more of the reasons. But does it leave them satisfied?  That’s far from the truth, instead, they become the more empty and lonely. 

The Negative Effects of Drugs, Sex and Alcohol

One thing you must understand is that the negative effect of overindulgence in these activities is very harmful. 

These infects can be classified financially, mentally, and physically (health). 

Financially, people who get addicted to drugs, sex and alcohol gets to spend everything they have in their quest to purchase or satisfy their desires. Many erstwhile rich and famous people become bankrupt because of addiction to these things. Many people living on the streets today with no place home to call home, once had a home of their own, but because of drugs, sex or alcohol, they lost everything. 

Mentally, people who are addicted to these three things become mentally challenged as time goes on. This is drugs and alcohol change the way an individual feels or thinks by affecting and changing the normal pattern the brain functions. With time, it leads to memory loss, and epileptic thinking and behavioral system. They also makes the brain to be very weak. 

Physically, the effect of these activities on the health of an individual is massive. Alcohol and drugs damages the major internal organs of the human body when overused, and engaging in sex while under the influence of alcohol or drugs can lead to carelessness and exposure to sexually transmitted diseases. They also can lead to heart attacks and abnormal heart rates. Overuse of drugs and alcohol over a long period of time will damage the liver and kidney of the user. 

Summarily, addiction to any one of these things can lead to untimely death, either by suicide or homicide. This is something that has left many homes and marriages broken, but you can escape from it. 

How To Be Free From Drugs, Sex and Alcohol

Being free from any of these things is as a result of personal will and decision. You need to decide to be free from it, then don’t keep the decision to yourself. Consult a counsellor, a man of God (Pastor), or any society or association that can help you stay free from your addictions. You might need to change environment, friends, or anything that will remind or take you back to the past. Maintain a positive mindset, and be determined to pull through. 




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