As a human being, our behavior, carriage, value, and outward appearance depends solely on the type of company we keep. The people you spend most o

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As a human being, our behavior, carriage, value, and outward appearance depends solely on the type of company we keep. The people you spend most of your time with, go a long way to tell on your attitude and behavior.

A person who has a good upbringing and begins to display a negative attitude is practically from the friends he/she keeps. The manner your friends display acceptable by you or not begins to robe of on you indirectly, and because you spend most of your time with them, you begin to act based on what you see them do, what you talk on and basically what drives them will begin to drive you.

Now let’s be more realistic and go to our everyday life. Some actions we portray now is as a result of what we see and hear and what our friends do. We sometimes don’t know how they influenced us into them. But when we have spent so much time on something, we begin to do them because we admire them, to impress, to grow, to learn, to feel among, or sometimes we do them unknowingly. Now let’s go to a college setting whereby a person is newly admitted.

Then when you are on campus, you may, unfortunately, meet the wrong people who will get to display their character and then persuade you into joining them. When you notice this, and you do not keep a distance, your constant company and revolve around them will make you get comfortable with these behaviors. From being comfortable, you won’t see any reason not to do what they do. 

How bad company affects us!

We all know the famous quote that “says bad company corrupts good manners” yes, it is very true. As we can see in people’s daily act that the character one portray is traced to his/her company. Which is very likely that the people he or she moves with describe the same attitude? Most of the crimes in our country today are as a result of bad influence from bad company and if this stops I mean if we can avoid bad company many things would change in the country. And a lot of people’s lives would be changed. These are some effects of bad company:

*they impose their life’s on you

* they put you in pressure you are not meant to be in.

* they change our value for good things (makes us develop an interest for unnecessary things).

* they make you lose focus.

* they make you useless in society.

*they might make you go into depression: in a situation when you are constantly told that you are not up to the people you follow, which a good friend would not do, this could lead you into overthinking and could depreciate your self-esteem.

*Peer pressure that would make you act out negatively. And so on.

  The disadvantages of bad company

  1. It increases the rate of crime in the society
  2. Peer pressure
  3. Lack of self-esteem
  4. Bad manners
  5. Self-ego
  6. Covetousness
  7. Negative actions
  8. Develop bad behaviors 
  9. Value for bad and unnecessary things 

If we can individually avoid bad company, we would live a good and fulfilled life. It would also help to stop or reduce the rate of crime in our nation and in the world at large.




BY  Jojo Favoured





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