Meet Jojo

Meet Jojo

I’m that normal girl you will meet in the bus, train, supermarket etc. I am a Nigerian living in the Nederlands (Amsterdam). I love music and i en


I’m that normal girl you will meet in the bus, train, supermarket etc. I am a Nigerian living in the Nederlands (Amsterdam). I love music and i enjoy writing as well. I have eyes for details and i am interested in people. I am very positive minded and love hanging around positive people. What I normally do to stay motivated is go for a walk and ask questions. I don’t like noise so i am in-between an introvert and extrovert.

I love God and live for Jesus Christ. Everything i do is Jesus connected so yes you can call me Jesus Lover. I am very outspoken when it comes to my believe but very shy when it comes to other things.
I am a final year student of In-Holland University, studying International Business Innovation Studies. Next to school, i am also a Church girl.

I’m the founder of The Root Foundation International, Flixyconnect, and Josnappix. Also, I have managed to publish some of my books such as, A Student Yet A Christian on Amazon ( Joan Lucky) with the Help of the Holy Spirit.
I enjoy traveling and experiencing new cultures, trying new foods, new things and meeting new people. I share most of my ideas, experiences and beautiful stories in writings on Social Media. Facebook Page (My Life as a Christian) Instagram (mylifeasachristian1).

It has not always been easy for me growing up but thanks to God for his preservations and mercies. Coming to the Nederlands as a child and growing up in a country where almost everything is allowed was a huge challenge for me, because there was no proper parental covering but God by his mercies trained me to become who i am today. Because of his mercies and grace, i have come to understand that nothing is impossible for God if only you let him take the lead. Also, i appreciate life and its events more.

My ability to be positive and grateful has changed the way I see things and understand people better. Thanks to God today people out there are being inspired by what I say or share on Social Media and other platforms all over the world, and all of this happened because of his mercies and grace. If God permits, I will get to share my life story with the world someday.
You see! Life as it seems has no part 2, that is why it is very important to give it your all. Always remember that time is not a respecter of man but you can determine how you use it. Always make the best out of whatever comes your way and strive to be the best of your kind. I understood at a very young age that life is full of surprise packages so i trained myself to always maximize whatever comes my way with a smile.

I never regretted any moment of my life rather, I build my mansion with a smile and songs of THANKSGIVING.
I pray that someday i will get to meet you and answer all your questions. Remember this! Nothing will work for you until you start working, nothing is over until you give up, and nothing is impossible for God if only you can surrender all to Jesus Christ today.

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