Parents and the pandemic

Parents and the pandemic

Why is the world demonstrating warnings for parents and children during the crisis of the pandemic? Why are our dear children facing extreme neglect a


Why is the world demonstrating warnings for parents and children during the crisis of the pandemic? Why are our dear children facing extreme neglect and abuse during global pandemic? How has child abuse risen worldwide since the coronavirus took place and WHY?
The answer to this question is simple but a bit disturbing!
As the world fights the spread of COVID-19, people are being advised to remain home for their security and everybody else’s.

In these times, working from home while constantly keeping an eye on the children, has the parents in a weary state which goes by the term “Parental Burnout”.

Parental burnout can be harmful for the children who, already, are the victims of child abuse and neglect children. Specifically, children with special needs such as children with chronic conditions, as well as children with disabilities ranging from mellow to extreme conditions.

During the elaborate phase of the pandemic, parents of special kids may encounter more difficulties and put more effort to take care of their children’s learning and their severe conditions than parents of ordinary developing kids.

This stress and difficulties can cause breakdowns and parental burnout. Thus, the stress of this pandemic could increase unsafety for the individuals, more specifically, children, on the needy end of the spectrum. (UNICEF)

What exactly is parental burnout? Is it a self-made disease or something that parents have in their minds? And what are the reasons for parental burnout?
Parental burnout is a constant condition, coming from huge pressure, that parents may feel when they are not able to meet the needs of their children or parents of special kids who put extra effort in upbringing their kids, dealing with their severe conditions, while keeping a track of their own work.

Not that parents are the ones who abuse their children normally, but they are the ones with whom kids should feel the SAFEST! Undeniably, the stress of this pandemic has turned the world upside down.

Parents who experience burnout are the ones that end up taking part in child abuse and neglect, taking their frustration out on the first individual, around them, who is under their authority; the child. As we realize that the current pandemic may prompt an expansion in the hazard factors. It is significant that we understand the reasons for child abuse.

Though, now, that the world has caught a hang of the pandemic and some decree of “normal” has settled, the parental burnout is still a hot topic!

No doubt! Living with this pandemic, abrupt and frequent lockdowns, learning and working from home has become the new normal. But, still, nothing seems normal! Parents during the pandemic, living with kids and special kids may have been especially affected by the side effects of COVID-19 because of social and physical isolation, unemployment, the financial strain, and the difficulties of keeping a balance between work and family life while schools are on shut down.

Founder of the group Working Moms of Milwaukee, a mom and business owner, Susannah Lago, said, ‘I don’t know anyone that is not struggling.’

The COVID-19 lockdown will build more cases of child abuse (UNICEF 2020). Which includes mental, physical, and sexual abuse and neglect of kids under 18 years old. Millions of parents are at that point where they are burned out by the demands of pandemic child-raising in April.

The Secretary General of the UN, Antonio Guterres, stated that the COVID-19 pandemic is rapidly transforming into a “broader child rights crisis”. Media coverage shows an increase of abusive behavior and violence against kids.

Where children are facing maltreatment, parents are also going through a lot. The pandemic has made this world a worst place to live in but the hopes are still intact.

The risk of this pandemic has been decreased to a great extent and with this, avoiding maltreatment, parents dealing correctly with their depression and finding a way out POSITIVELY is all we need and hope for!


By: Joan Anoka 


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