Like every institution, Marriage and relationships are guided by rules and regulations. These are prescribed guide for conduct and actio

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Like every institution, Marriage and relationships are guided by rules and regulations. These are prescribed guide for conduct and actions in a relationship and you might as well see it as the dos and don’ts of a relationships.

In a mild tone, the moment you replied ‘I do’ to his question, there are few things that are expected to be kept in check by each person. They are checks that help secure a healthy relationship.  Note; this information is based on my experiences, studies and revelations.

The first rule of every relationship is that there are no rules until you decide on what the rules are. This means that it takes both parties to decide what is right and what is wrong and until then, everything is acceptable and fit. It is however acceptable that before you go into a relationship, the parties sit to discuss the things that are right and the things that would be wrong.

Thereafter, you could conclude if you are comfortable with the rights and wrongs. like we said, the right and wrongs in your relationships could be different from mine, there are few things that must be respected and a few other things that must be avoided.

Do not discuss the issues in your relationship with just anyone: A whole lot of relationships have become broken and damaged from piece of advices from the mouth of a third party. You need to be careful about who you talk to about the things you go through in your relationship. Like I would always say, there are people who are just not comfortable that you are doing fine in your relationships.  It’s called jealousy. And it is because of this that you need to be careful and be sure about who you trust with the issues in your relationship. In fact, if you ask me, I would suggest that you may God the only person you talk to. Only him can give you the best advice and only him could make things right.

Never Compare your relationship with someone else’s: You would have ruined your relationship before you know it, if you follow this route.

Get angry but don’t stay angry: It is human to be offended. In fact, it is almost inevitable that your partner would do things that you are uncomfortable with. Thus, when he/ she has done something wrong, show them that you do not like it. Get angry but don’t stay angry.

Do not compromise a secret: A secret is a secret and must be treated as such. Whatever the situation is do not leak a secret that your partner has kept with you. It is the first rule to respecting your partner. 

Never mock or humiliate your partner in front of friends or family members: It is one thing you should never do. Likewise, never go to bed without settling a dispute between the two of you. And, it is wrong to portray your partner as a weakling – always have their backs. 

While the list may be endless, it is pertinent to highlight the right things to do in a relationship too: The first thing you should know is that whatever makes your partner happy is the right thing to do. If you partner appreciates a particular thing and keeps telling you about it, just do it. Well, unless it does not glorify the name of the lord. 



BY: Jojo Favoured


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    Kum Ezekiel Ogume 5 months

    Good one miss i appreciate it’s very relevant to relationships

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