Understanding yourself as a woman

Understanding yourself as a woman

  Without doubt arises, women are said to be the most important part in a household. Women regularly take on such countless jobs in their live



Without doubt arises, women are said to be the most important part in a household. Women regularly take on such countless jobs in their lives–parental figure, provider, housekeeper, one’s partner- that it’s difficult for them to look after themselves give themselves what they actually ned. Finding the time, energy, and inspiration to deal with ourselves can be troublesome, however there are many little things you can do to help the flow of energy and moods stay on target.

Women are always told to take care of their children and men, when will do they actually start caring for themselves?

The question may seem tricky but its not impossible to understand. Keeping In mind that your body need MANY things to rely on and function properly. Being a woman is quite a responsibility; responsible of your own body. Maintaining a healthy relationship with your health is the true definition of self-care and for woman, SELF CARE IS FAR BEYOND THE MOST IMPORTANT THING FOR EVERY WOMAN!

Understanding and taking care of yourself as a WOMAN means what worked for you twenty years ago will not work for you now, most likely, the cycle will be changed. Let’s look into a few self-care tips that are A MUST for a woman.


The term means health with a healthy diet! Everything starts with health and if your health is better then you are better. Now what eating healthy really means? it’s not just about picking whole grains, restricting on caffeine, and eating right vegetables consistently, despite the fact that those things are IMPORTANT as well. It’s additionally about which vegetables you’re eating, how you prepare them, and what time you eat them. Try not to skip breakfast, as you’ll require that energy to get you through the morning. For a plus, add nuts into your diet.

Get enough rest (almost 8 hours a day)

Living a woman’s life is quite intricate. Keeping up with all the house chores, children, job and etc, it is hard to get enough rest. If you are going to bed late and waking up early then you are losing enough sleep and your body gets tired and weak. So, sit down and organize yourself, make a schedule for your sleep hours and let your health smile a little more.

Cleanliness is a key to good health

Maintaining your personal hygiene is another most important thing on the list. Maintaining personal hygiene will take up your very little time but has most benefits. List goes like:

  • Take bath DAILY
  • Wash your face twice a day
  • Brush your teeth 2 times a day
  • Clean your nails
  • Wear clean clothes

These things are the only way to get good health and for a plus, will make you feel well and fresh.

Once Buddha said; ‘’Your body is precious. It is your vehicle of awakening so you better treat it well.’’

Apart from being a good mother, a great house keeper, a hard-working employee and an amazing partner, women need some awards from themselves too. Awards in a shape of SELF-CARE! Understand your body the way it should be understand!


By: Joan Anointed  Anoka


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